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Dear Friends, 

Now at year’s end, the Summer of 2021 does seem like a long time ago…

However, thinking back brings memories of sunny days and creative expressions. Individually and globally, we have all gone through a lot of challenges, more reason then to think that “The Art Barge is the Answer”.

Since 1955, Victor and Mabel D’Amico’s experiment in creative education has continued to inspire countless numbers of people to learn that creating with hand, mind and spirit can vitalize their living.

Let’s look back to last summer and think about how we were motivated by blues skies and salt air, the wind and the sound of the tide, the rain, (the drips) and the shared experience we had with others.

Victor and Mabel were actual, not virtual “social media” innovators. Their Barge has always brought people together for a creative social inter-action. Throughout this past summer, we photographed you and your art. Today with the power of a few clicks, you can view the results of our 2021 classes with an end-of the year inaugural online student exhibition. So, stay involved, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and on our ever-evolving website.

Until the Barge reopens next May of 2022, plans are underway that need your financial support. The general yearly maintenance costs of keeping the Art Barge and D’Amico House afloat are great. Also, the renovation of the D’Amico Greenhouse Studio, which will allow for year-round classes next season, and the reconstruction of the 3-D/Ceramic Studio at The Art Barge, are among our most important needs.  So, if you have donated, our thanks are in the mail. If you haven’t, please consider doing so now.

Every amount is accepted and totally tax exempt. Click here to help.

So now… think to Summer 2022!

All my best,

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