The D’Amico Institute of Art

Dear Friends, 

I usually end my letters with the closing salutation, Looking forward

Today, I think it’s more appropriate to begin with those words. 

During the past year all of us have gone through a trial of living differently, a change of our normal way of life and generally a feeling of the unreal. It becomes so very important now to think of Looking Forward as a reality.   

My four decades plus associating with Victor, Mabel and The Barge have given me the opportunity to think not only “outside the box” but to think and create the box. They taught me the importance of looking forward.  

So plan on reading more on all matters concerning Mabel & Victor, Classes, Archive information, on line Gallery exhibits, Friendship, Fundraising and YOU. I want to hear from all Barge friends and artists. And if you’re are interested to come on-board and help. Make a contact, all hands welcome!

This new website coincides with the exciting announcement of The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art being accepted into the National Trust’s Historic Artist Homes and Studio program.  We now join the ranks of our fellow artists at The Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center in Springs, The Thomas & Mary Nimmo Moran Studio in East Hampton Village, and 40 other artists’ homes and studios nationwide. The Art Barge and The Mabel and Victor D’Amico Studio & Archive in Lazy Point are now part of this network, giving Mabel and Victor, as artists/educators, the national recognition they rightly deserve.  

Mabel and Victor maintained that the arts are a human necessity, and their major function is to vitalize living. I believe that there is no better time than now for this thinking.  

look forward to seeing you . 

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