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A kinetic motivation created by Victor D’Amico in the 1970’s. See Christopher Kohan’s response to this motivation below.

Getting motivated for 2023

Dear friends,

While we are apart, we want to inspire you to move ahead with your art practice, as well as expand it, with Motivation Matters! Motivations will be the main thrust of our new series of social media postings that will invite you to create.

Although the term motivation is used in many ways, Victor and Mabel had their own methodology and reasoning for using ‘motivations’ with their art students.  While Victor and Mabel employed visual, audio and literary motivations for use with students in the classroom, we will provide you with an instagram post with images and/or video for you to employ as a jumping off point to create an individual response in any media you choose.

Visit HERE to read about how motivations have been a key art teaching approach for Victor and Mabel and a key inspiration for Mabel’s own art practice.

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e encourage all viewers to post their ‘Motivation Matters’ responses to their Instagram accounts and tag us, include hashtags #motivationmatters and #theartbarge.

Warm regards,
From all the crew!

A mixed media piece by Christopher Kohan in response to Victor’s motivation.

*Main Photo by Olga Gowoek

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