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“Art education is dedicated to the development of the nobler qualities of people – to learn to build, to oppose destruction and prejudice. Creativity and the development of creative faculties is an investment in the future.”

Victor D’Amico, 1963*

We acknowledge the contributions and the pioneering innovations created and applied by Victor and Mabel D’Amico in the field of art education, and their unwavering determination to nurture the creative potential of every man, woman, and child, of every denomination, creed, social or political status.

Continuing the D’Amico’s art educational philosophy and vision, The Art Barge remains a source of history, inspiration, motivation, and friendship and a place where every individual can experience the profound satisfaction of making art.

As we are facing the global transformations around us, Victor and Mabel’s belief that the “greatest natural endowment is the power to create” sustains us. Their methodology, pedagogy and perspectives on teaching art continue to be realized within The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art, both at The Art Barge and the D’Amico House & Studio, through on-going classes, workshops, tours, and events, that refresh and enrich the lives of our Barge Artists.

What makes this unique approach to art education all worthwhile is you… your friendship, your support, and your participation provide the impetus to stay the course.

Recognizing that “people are more important than their art” **, we are sharing past and current Barge artist profiles. Artists reflect on their experiences at The Barge and the influence it has had on their lives. HERE you will find a profile of 2021 Barge Artist Nadene Wright and HERE you will find an Archive profile of 1965 Barge Artist Judith Wolken (nee Schuler).

*Victor D’Amico, excerpt from the inaugural speech on the presentation of Children’s Art Carnival in New Delhi, October 30th,  1963
** Victor D’Amico, An Open Letter to the Class on the Last Day of Class, 1955

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