Victor & Mabel D’Amico were pioneering spirits whose lives are remembered by the significant impact they made in the field of art education. The Archive, which is housed in their historic studio and home, is comprised of an extensive collection of research materials – photographs, films, slides, treatises, books, audio tapes, motivational materials and artwork documenting their life work.

The Mabel & Victor D’Amico Studio & Archive was left to The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art by Mabel upon her passing in 1998.

From the Archives

Motivational learning is a humanistic approach within creative education with the goal of  “stimulating imagination, directing observation[s], and encouraging original thinking…”

Victor D’Amico, April 1970

Judith Wolken, a student studying under Victor in 1965, shares early memories of The Barge.

An Open Letter The Class On The Last Day of Class
Victor D’Amico 1955