The Art Barge

The Art Barge has hosted classes since 1960, based on the progressive teaching philosophy and methodology advanced by Mabel and Victor D’Amico. The sensitive, individualized approach of the instructors teaching classes in a variety of mediums, coupled with the magnificent natural setting and singular architecture of The Art Barge, motivates students of all ages to flourish creatively. 

People are encouraged to take a class… take a look. Visitors and students alike learn the history of the structure with a brief introduction to Mabel and Victor D’Amicos’ role in modern art and art education. Students gain practical insight to Mabel and Victor’s methodologies through active participation in classes, visitors are captivated by the vistas and the creative audacity of this boat structure beached permanently on the shore. All are urged to supplement their “D’Amico experience” with a visit to the Mabel and Victor D’Amico Studio and Archive, which is open for tours by appointment, year-round.