Nadene Wright

Nadene Wright at work at the Art Barge

Nadene Wright of Maryland has been a middle school art teacher in Virginia for 25 years.  She has been coming to The Art Barge for classes for a decade. Nadene was enrolled in the Studio Painting class in July 2021.

Nadene has been motivated to return The Barge for so many years because it provides a setting for her to recharge and be inspired. At The Barge she finds, “a connection with nature and a peacefulness that allows her to immerse herself in the painting experience.” She says she would “love to bottle it.”  Nadene also appreciates that she can choose her work space, inside or on the deck, and the availability of easels and tables that make set up so easy. She commented that her instructors have helped her hone in on her skills and that they “meet you where you are in your practice.”

Nadene expressed that one of her most beneficial experiences was broadening her painting practice at The Barge. She learned how to apply a ground and was introduced to a process of painting, sanding, and painting again. She was also inspired to explore new paint colors and new painting mediums.  We look forward to Nadene’s return this summer of 2022.