Orientation to Creativity

Many people are uncertain about choosing a specific course. They feel one must have talent or at least skill to pursue art making with satisfaction. This course is planned to help the beginner explore their own interests and as an introduction to various art forms. Experiments will include daily exercises in painting, collage, drawing, printing and 3-D construction.
This class is also available for artists to work independently in the studio.
Materials provided


Jim Bergesen

weekly, July 5-August 27
Monday-Friday 1pm-4pm
$225 / week *Friendship required to enroll for classes


These painting classes provide instruction to artists at all levels of experience, individually and in a group setting. Students work at their own pace and in their own style using any painting medium: acrylic, oil, watercolor, tempera, and collage materials. Outdoor easels and tables are available for use on the decks and beaches. Weekly demonstrations, motivations, set-ups, life models, and Friday group critiques are included.
Basic materials provided.


Michael Rosch 

Bill Nagle

Sue Gussow

weekly, June 7-September 24
Monday-Friday 9am-12pm
$225 / week *Friendship required to enroll for classes