Image: Detail from painting by Hope Hendrickson (1995)

Studio Process

STUDIO Process classes provide individual instruction to artists at all levels of experience in a group setting. Instruction will aim at heightening the power of expression of each artist in relation to their inherent uniqueness. Artists may work using any medium or any combination thereof: acrylic, oil, watercolor, tempera, drawing media, collage media and assemblage media. Outdoor easels and tables are available for use on the Barge decks and adjacent beaches.  Instructor demonstrations, motivational set-ups, life models and Friday group critiques are included. Artists are encouraged to supply their OWN paints, brushes, and painting surfaces/canvases. A storage space is provided to each artist for their supplies. Extra tubes of paint or pre-stretched canvases can be purchased on the premises.

The Studio instructor will suggest group or individual experiments or projects to promote the expansion and enhancement of the artist’s practice. Participants are encouraged to observe and learn from the practices of classmates as well.

Easels, painting tables, stools, sinks and basic studio materials such as palettes, gesso paper, drawing supplies, tin cans, and painting rags are all available to students.

9:00 am to 12 noon.

Orientation for Newcomers

ORIENTATION for Newcomers provides an introduction to the elementary processes and techniques of artistic expression through daily exercises in drawing, painting, or collage.This course serves as a valuable preliminary for participation in any other Barge course. Demonstrations, motivations, set-ups, and Friday group critiques are included.

Easels, painting tables, and all materials will be provided.

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Life Drawing

This is an informal class conducted by a monitor. Each session includes quick gesture and line drawing as well as longer poses of the male or female figure.
Easels and basics materials will be provided.
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