Summer 2022 Photo Gallery


THANK YOU for the positive feedback in your reviews of the classes, we appreciate you all so much! Here’s a sampling…

Bill Nagle knows how to bring out the best in each artist and fosters their confidence in their creative processes. The Art Barge is a nurturing and inspiring place in which to create. – Marcie Reed

I was there the month of September and did the Watercolor, Encaustic and Collage Classes as well as the Open Studio. I can’t say enough about the Barge, Staff and Instructors… Just Wonderful and Inspiring. – Constance Judson

I learned so much about water color painting. The teacher was great. She was very encouraging yet she was able to really critique my work. – Christine Coughlin

Fun, informative, beautiful workspace, great teacher. – Laurie Hall

The openness, creativity, togetherness. An inspiration to take artistic risks and discover oneself. – Catherine Silver

This was a mind-opening experience! Jim, our instructor, helped us explore what we could do with the materials and discover new ways to connect our hands and eyes. He was so supportive and kind, and he let us be ourselves. The space itself is magical. I wish I could spend my entire life taking classes at The Art Barge! – Polly Shulman